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Every day, Envida staff provide care in the region. They are happy to serve our clients. In the coming years, the number of people needing care and support is set to increase. Vaals is no exception. This is why Envida has partnered with Krijtland Wonen and the municipal authorities of Vaals to set up a new form of care: a residential care zone. The Lange Akker area is designated as such a zone. Soon this will be a wonderful and safe place to grow old together.

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What is a residential care zone?
A residential care zone is a community where people of different ages meet, help and support each other. Various forms of care and support are available in a residential care zone, ranging from a general physician practice to physiotherapy. In such zones, residents also have access to care typically available only in nursing homes. Additionally, most zones ensure you have accelerated access to receiving professional care, such as through a care organisation that can be on site within 10 minutes. The purpose of a residential care zone is to create an environment where people can grow old together, with full access to the necessary support and care.

About Vaals
Vaals is a quiet and green community just off the tri-border point, where the borders of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany meet. The town centre of Vaals has many picturesque streets and listed buildings. The municipal authorities provide various facilities that address the needs of the elderly, such as healthcare facilities, recreational activities and social meeting places.

In the Lange Akker complex, homes are being converted to facilitate appropriate care. Apartments are also rented to caregivers, first-time buyers and others. Soon, Lange Akker will be the central point of Vaals' residential care zone. That's where people live and meet, and where both formal and informal help and care is close at hand.